The Poultry Market in Saudi Arabia (October 2017)

Annual update on the KSA poultry market with overview of the GCC markets

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Dairy Ingredients Market in the GCC, Egypt, Iran, Iraq & Libya 2016

Pre-Publication Price: US$7,000 (10 countries)

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Arab Markets, Global Standards

IMES diverse international base enabled the company to maintain its growth through major projects in South East Asia, China, the Caribbean and elsewhere, while continuing to work as much as possible in the Middle East.

Our Clients

Our services are used by a diverse international and regional client base across businesses, governments and institutions.

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The IMES Methodology

IMES Consulting uses a research approach which is proven across a wide range of sectors to deliver comprehensive and accurate information.

Iran Dairy and Soft Drinks Reports (July 2014)

New IMES Reports on the Dairy and Soft Drinks markets in Iran, with significant analysis on on regional markets within Iran (North & Central, East and South regions)

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Iraq Dairy and Soft Drinks Reports 2014

IMES has published new reports on the Dairy and Soft Drinks markets in Iraq, highlighting the regional market situation within Iraq (Kurdistan, Central and South regions)

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KSA, UAE and Oman Poultry Reports 2014

Annual update on the poultry markets in KSA, UAE and Oman with overview of the GCC markets

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Our Clients
ADC (Agricultural Development Company)    

Agricultural Development Company Ltd. (ADC) is a premier manufacturer of poultry, red-meat and deli-meat products. The company is also the distributor of a wide range of products that includes: coffee, children's beverages, frozen bakery, frozen vegetables and dairy products.

SPPC (Saudi Printing & Packaging Co)    

The company is considered as one of the largest printing houses in the Middle East and Northern Africa as it offers a wide range of integrated printing services supported by high production powers through its multiple branches and through integration of its affiliated companies. The company has several branches under its legal umbrella such as Al Madina Al Munawara Printing and Publishing Company, Hala Printing Press Company, Taiba Printing and Publishing Company, Flexible Packaging Company in addition to Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries.

ASTRA Food Company    

Over the years, the Company has grown steadily to become a vertically integrated food chain. This development empowered the Company to succeed in achieving a prominent position among the largest food companies operating in the Kingdom and become one of the earliest self-sufficient player in the Saudi food marketplace. The Company currently employs more than 1,500 employees and have branches covering the major cities of the Kingdom.

SOYA (Soybean Crushing Co & Derivatives)    

Based in Jeddah, KSA, SOYA is one of the major importers and processors of soybeans from North and South America.

KDD Co (Kuwait Danish Dairy Company)    

The Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company is one of the leading producers of quality food products in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries.  KDD is the market leader in Kuwait, producing and distributing 24 different types of dairy products, 75 different varieties of ice cream, 27 types of natural fruit juices and fruit drinks, as well as tomato paste and Kuwaiti Dakkus.


Fonterra has been operating in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for more than 30 years. Since then, the rising demand for dairy nutrition has seen our business grow strongly in the region.

Teeba Investment for Developed Food Processing Company    

Teeba Investment was founded in 2004 as a small family business that aims to supply premium dairy and juice products to the Jordanian market. The Company was established with a vision to provide consumers with top quality goods, whilst also enhancing their health and improving their nutritional lifestyles. In record time, Teeba Investment registered remarkable growth and expanded its operations to become one of the three largest manufacturers in its industry.

"IMES Consulting Group is an important ally for Cargill to expand its food ingredient business network in the Middle East and North Africa Region. They not only provide market insights but help us also to develop strategic plans. We believe that their experienced people and long history in this part of the World are very useful to any company wanting to add value to its customers and shareholders”.

H. Arkin Demir
Regional Manager MEA

“I have been using the services of IMES for the past several years and their analyses have been of key importance in reaching a number of major business decisions”.

Abdullah Ahmed S. Al Shehri
Executive Director of Business Development & Special Projects
Al Faisaliah Group

“IMES has been the primary source of information for Coca-Cola Middle East for over 10 years now. Their reports give us a good bird's eye view of the industry trends both historical as well as projected and we use the reports extensively in our strategic planning process.”.

Shyam Sunder
Market Insights Manager - MENA
The Coca-Cola Company

“As one of the leading food packaging suppliers in the Middle East,  Tetra Pak has a long term partnership with IMES. It is essential to our  local markets knowledge and key to our understanding of industry  dynamics that will influence the future of food packaging in the region.  We are glad to see IMES raising the bar in capability to address various market questions, issues or forecasts all in highly professional  manner and look forward to our future cooperation".

Martin Fejk
Marketing Manager
Tetra Pak Arabia

"I see IMES as a very helpful partner that efficiently provides enlightening information, even in cases where is it is almost impossible to get such information".

Diaa Rashwan
General Manager – Strategic Marketing Services
Savola Group

"IMES  has always met my expectations and excelled in providing professional, timely, thorough and focused results".

Mahdy Katbe
Managing Director
Gulf Hygienic Industries

"I have worked with IMES since the mid-eighties. They are a truly reliable resource in an often challenging environment. Their understanding of the region is first rate and the information they provide speaks volumes about their first rate connections".

Guy Taylor
Managing Director

"Having worked with IMES on numerous occasions in recent years, on projects ranging from business planning to IPO preparation, I am always happy to recommend their services".

Mohammed Joukhdar
Group Advisor
Attieh Group

"For more than a decade we in Al Rabie have been using IMES  Reports as one of the major tools in development of our successful sales  and marketing strategies in Saudi Arabia and the other MENA countries.  Keep up the good work!".

Sardar Wahid Ullah
Business Director
Al Rabie Saudi Foods Company Limited

"When you work with IMES you will find highly experienced and  professional industry specialists who would greatly contribute to your  projects. They worked on our assignments, not just as consultants but  true team members."

Tolga Sezer
Executive Vice President
Aujan Industries

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