The Poultry Market in Saudi Arabia (October 2017)

Annual update on the KSA poultry market with overview of the GCC markets

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Dairy Ingredients Market in the GCC, Egypt, Iran, Iraq & Libya 2016

Pre-Publication Price: US$7,000 (10 countries)

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Arab Markets, Global Standards

IMES diverse international base enabled the company to maintain its growth through major projects in South East Asia, China, the Caribbean and elsewhere, while continuing to work as much as possible in the Middle East.

Our Clients

Our services are used by a diverse international and regional client base across businesses, governments and institutions.

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The IMES Methodology

IMES Consulting uses a research approach which is proven across a wide range of sectors to deliver comprehensive and accurate information.

Iran Dairy and Soft Drinks Reports (July 2014)

New IMES Reports on the Dairy and Soft Drinks markets in Iran, with significant analysis on on regional markets within Iran (North & Central, East and South regions)

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Iraq Dairy and Soft Drinks Reports 2014

IMES has published new reports on the Dairy and Soft Drinks markets in Iraq, highlighting the regional market situation within Iraq (Kurdistan, Central and South regions)

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KSA, UAE and Oman Poultry Reports 2014

Annual update on the poultry markets in KSA, UAE and Oman with overview of the GCC markets

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Market development services

From 2014 IMES Consulting offers a new service to clients called Market Development Services. In summary, IMES will assist clients in identifying routes to market and actually manage the market development activities for clients.

So if a UAE dairy client wishes to enter the Saudi market, IMES will act as both consultant and as market manager in those critical initial two year period.

IMES will provide the following services:

  1. Prepare a full market analysis that will help identify feasible market entry strategies for our client
  2. Isolate routes to market available to client
  3. Recommend the best Route to Market
  4. Prepare a Business Plan for the client
  5. Identify the most appropriate distribution partners for client
  6. Identify, contact, negotiate and manage distribution partners on behalf of our client
  7. Report to client on quarterly progress toward clearly identified targets in each marketplace

IMES Consulting is able to offer this service because of our executive experience of such activities throughout the Middle East. These services are provided by Brendan Nolan, Managing Director of IMES Consulting.

Brendan has worked in the Middle East since 1995 and spent ten years living and working in Riyadh with Almarai Company.

Brendan was recruited by Almarai as General Manager - Marketing ( 1995 to 2003 ) and then sa General Manager - Business Development for Almarai ( 2003 to end 2004). Almarai is one of the largest and most profitable branded dairy and food companies in the Middle East.

For more information please contact Brendan Nolan at

+ 971 4 458 5894  |
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